I will be adding the larger gallery paintings to this site as they are completed.

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2009 George Billis Gallery NY

62 White  St .
Oil on linen, 2009, 42"x36"  
114 Franklin  St.  .
Oil on linen, 2009, 42"x36"  
  Greene St. Shadows .
Oil on linen, 2009, 42"x36" 
67 Greene St  .
Oil on linen, 2009, 42"x36" 
Shadows on Greene St. .
Oil on linen, 2009, 48"x40"  

 SOHO Reflections .
Oil on linen, 2009, 60"x42"  
Prince Street Reflections 
Oil on linen, 2009, 30"x24"
Last Light 
*Oil on linen, 2009, 48"x36"
 Les Deux Gamins
Oil on linen 2009, 60"x42"
Click on image for larger view.
Wooster and Grand
Oil on linen 2009, 62"x48"
Moulin Bleu

Oil on linen 2009, 62"x48"


  1. i am totaly fascinated by your work .
    you're really good Stephen !!1

    see you !!

  2. Amazing works! Brilliantly done and such fine details. Excellent Stephen!

  3. Hi

    I found your site through Pierre Raby and I'm so glad I did :-)
    All these paintings have such wonderful light in them and fantastic atmosphere ................ great work indeed!

  4. I thought this was New York! my old stomping grounds. I came over from your Detroit site. Nice work, clear and detailed with so much attention paid to natural light

  5. Just discovered this blog with your bigger works after being a big fan of Postcards from Detroit for quite some time now. I SO love your work. Thanks for posting it online so we can enjoy it!